The TrapLine 1.0, The 100% cotton T-Shirt. With the 'TrapLine Logo' Design printed on the chest and the 'Reverse TrapLine' embroidered a few centimetres under the rear collar, The TrapLine 1.0 is the garment you need to bring your wardrobe up to the next level.

The TrapLine 1.0

  • Wash with like-colours. This will prevent discolouration of The TrapLine 1.0.


    Hand wash or mashine wash on cold settings only. The TrapLine 1.0 is 100% cotton so it will not enjoy high temperatures.


    Wash and dry The TrapLine 1.0 inside-out. This will help avoid damaging and discolouration of the outer layer designs.


    Do not tumble dry The TrapLine 1.0 as this can cause the cotton to shrink. We reccommend air drying the garment.


    Iron the tee inside-out on no more than medium heat. We reccommend using the steam function on your iron first to soften the cotton, making it easier to remove creases. Take care of the collar and seams in order to maintain the shape.


    Store away from the sun and in a cool place. This will help prevent any discolouration and fading. For storage, we advise folding the garment and laying it on a flat surface. If you prefer to hang your tees, use wide hangers to ensure an even weight distribution.


    Treat any stains immediately. Cotton absorbs liquid very easily so the quicker you act, the easier it is to remove the stain completely. Try to avoid stain remover containing bleach as this could lead to discolouration.